Photo Essay

Assignment #7 Photo Essay by Missy M Turner April 28, 2015

For this photo essay, I tagged along on a hike with the Bransford family of Pocatello. Mother of the family Rebecca,  daughter Annabelle and her son James.  After a few dark and rainy days this Tuesday morning was a beautiful day to go on a hike.

This was probably one of the easiest and most enjoyable hikes that I have been on in a while.  James was so excited about seeing everything especially where all the trails headed and getting to see the water, he even got to touch the water.  His excitement made it very difficult to choose a picture to include in this, there were so many great shots with the family.

I have been to the  City Creek trial numerous times in my life and it is amazing to get to see the work that has been done on the trail to try and keep the rate of erosion from destroying the trail.  I watched that trail erode faster than it should have but thanks to efforts of the city and volunteers the trail is being saved for future use.  It is always important to remember to stay on designated trails with designated pedestrian/ bike/ motorized vehicles trails. This trail is beautiful and frequently used but well worth it.  It will always be my favorite trail system and this trip will always be a great memory.



Zip Code Project

Assignment # 6 Zip Code Project By Missy M Turner April 22,2015

I had a lot of fun with this project mostly because I got to be near the water which I love, and I also love taking pictures of the water and they are beautiful.  Lava Hot Springs is where we went to shoot for this project and this town has always been an amazing little town to visit.  It is a tourist town which is fine because you never really seem to notice the large amounts of visitors that visit the town on  daily basis.

Lava Hot Springs was originally called Dempsey after an Irish trapper who settled in the valley with his family in 1851.  The town name was later changed to Hall City after John Hall turned his homestead into the town site that is now called  Lave Hot Spring.  The name of Lava Hot Spring was adopted as the town name in 1915.  The railroad also came through the area when headed West and they realized that Lava Hot Springs could provide a tourist attraction to get people to ride their trains into the west.  Turning Lava Hot Springs into a tourist attraction.

This place is always a great get away to visit even if it is just for a day.



Environmental Portrait

Assignment # 5 Environmental Portrait By Missy M Turner April 15, 2015

Snow, snow, and more snow. Oh, how lovely the weather is in Idaho in the spring.  There were a couple of photo’s that I really wanted to take today but I was the only person who was willing to go outside in the snow. Maybe on another day when it is not snowing which you never really know what day that is in Idaho.

On this assignment were to capture people in their environment and the photos that follow below is what I captured.  I am grateful to those who participated especially on a gloomy day like today, these folks where awesome to work with.


Feature Photo

Assignment #4 Feature Photo  By Missy M Turner March 4, 2015

Who knew that a feature photo would be so much fun?  We were to go out and experience the daily grinds of news photography.  I decided that while I was out taking photo’s for the feature story that I would also take some of the props, my nephew’s play toys, that I like to photograph to show my nephews what their toys have been up to while they were away. I lost one of their toys in a pond.  Me, my father and my brother attempted to get it back but it is gone, it had a watery death.  After laughing about the situation we decided that there was nothing we could really do and so we moved on to take pictures of something else.

This is where my feature photo comes in while we were passing a train I noticed some really neat graffiti on the train that I could not pass up taking a picture of. I did have to chase the train down a little. The workers where still trying to hook train cars onto the train and that train would move forward and then it would back up but I finally caught up to it when it stopped for a short moment and I took a couple of pictures. It was well worth running down the road with my camera and dodging small little cactuses for those shots.

POCATELLO, Idaho — A train car exhibits the artwork of vandals on the side of the train carriage in Pocatello on March 4, 2015. Train cars coming through Pocatello often show the artwork of vandals from all over the country. (Photo by Missy M Turner)


News/Event Photo

Assignment #3 News/Event Photo  By Missy Turner Feb 25,2015

This assignment was really fun, we were to go to an event or capture a worthy news event. I went to the Simplot Games  that was in town over the past weekend.  The Simplot Games is the largest indoor track meet in the nation.  This competition brings in the best high school track athletes from all over the United States, Canada and Mexico.  This year a team from Australia came to compete for the first time in the games. Those athletes from Australia gave everyone a run for their money, they are very strong competitors.

I spent a few hours at the games and took a lot of photographs of the runners from their victories to their loses.  I had never had a press pass before and I enjoyed getting to be down around the action and look foreword to the next time that I can be that close to competitors.

The Simplot Games.


POCATELLO, Idaho —Kennedy Traveller of Twin Falls, Idaho holds participation medals for the 37th annual Simplot Games on Feb 21, 2015. 2,000 athletes from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia came to participate in the indoor track competition. (Photo by Missy M Turner)

POCATELLO, Idaho —Kennedy Traveller of Twin Falls, Idaho holds participation medals for the 37th annual Simplot Games on Feb 21, 2015. Two thousand athletes from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia came to participate in the indoor track competition. (Photo by Missy M Turner)


Street Portraits

Assignment #2 Street Portraits  Original post from Jan 29, 2015

By Missy Turner

On this assignment as a class we were to go out onto the streets of town and find people who we didn’t know to take photo’s of and get some background information on them and provide a caption.

It is always a little nerve racking to approach strangers out on the streets; but I broke the ice with that and I had some fun with this assignment after giving my professor a bad time with an awesome joke pertaining to this assignment. I met some really nice people in Pocatello.  There were a couple of people who were a little reluctant to have their photo taken but everyone else willing to have their photo taken.


One of Those Days

By Missy M Turner Feb 11, 2015

Don’t some jelly beans sound so delicious right now?



I will take a long and wonderful look at these because it will be a long time before I can have jelly beans again. I have taken an oath to never give into candy again and so far I have done well.

Have an awesome day. Go out and eat some jelly beans for me and go have fun with your day!